Native American Bead work art by

  Lavern Little


The beautiful Native American Bead Work shown here has been completely hand crafted by noted Yankton Sioux artisan Lavern Little. Lavern is a registered member of the Yankton Sioux tribe. He was raised on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. Lavern specializes in the artistically enhanced re-creation of artifacts with particular attention to detail as well as cultural and historical accuracy. Through his work, the living traditions of his culture are honored and can be shared with others interested in learning about the ways of his ancestors.

Lavern's work has been featured in the Heard Museum in Phoenix. In 2003 the Pentagon in Washington D.C. commissioned ten of his pipes with red, white and blue beads to be given as gifts to visiting dignitaries.

The pieces offered by the Blue Coyote Gallery have been patterned on the original Sioux Indian artifacts and are entirely handmade from scratch using natural raw materials. Decorative elements are made from trade type accessories such as glass beads, old and original trade beads, tin bells and other traditional materials. In many cases, specific permission has been granted by tribal elders to allow the recreation of these artifacts.

Today Lavern resides in the Phoenix area with his four children.

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Lavern Little Native American bow set 82007
native american peace pipe
Lavern Little Native American bow set
lavern little turtle shell
lavern little dream catcher
laverne Little dream catcher
lavern little antler pipe with blavk leather Native American tomaawks buffalo Jaw  by Lavern Little
Navtive american bow and arrows lavern little spear
lavern little bow with arrows
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