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Blue Coyote Gallery Consignment Terms
The Blue Coyote Gallery considers artwork for consignment from established artists and types of art for which we have developed a client base. If you have artwork you wish the gallery to consider to consign, please forward or email images and information, including size, of the artwork to  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our consignment terms are shown below.

Q: How does your consignment agreement work?

A: When taking items on consignment the Blue Coyote Gallery works on guaranteed net amounts for the client. Initially, we typically work on a fifty/fifty commission split when deciding gallery asking price. However, if and when the item sells,  the client will receive the agreed upon amount regardless of the final selling price. I.e. After consultation, if it is decided to price an item at $10,000 the client is guaranteed $5,000 upon sale whether the final sales price is $10,000 or $5,500.  We choose to work on guaranteed nets because it allows for quicker negotiations with prospective buyers if we know our "bottom line" amount which we must pay to the consignor.

Q: What if someone pays more than full asking price? (Yes, this really is a frequently asked question.)

A: Honestly, in all the years we've been in business we've never had anyone offer to pay more than full asking price.  But we can always hope for that first time and, if and when it happens, we'll be glad to split the extra amount with the client.


Q: What is the length of time of the agreement?

A: Six months


Q: What happens if the item doesn't sell after six months?

A: If both the Gallery and the client agree, the agreement can be extended for another six months, or any other length of time agreeable to both parties.


Q: What about shipping costs?

A: The client is responsible for getting the item(s) to the gallery in good condition.  If the item does not sell, the Blue Coyote Gallery will ship the items back to the client at the gallery's expense. The gallery has the right to refuse artwork upon final inspection of shipped artwork due to damage or misrepresentation associated with the artwork.  We also reserve the right to change previously agreed to price levels for the same reasons.

Q:  What about insurance?

A: The gallery is licensed and insured. The gallery will insure the artwork while in the gallery's possession during the consignment period.


Click the link below for a copy of our consignment agreement.




For any other questions, please contact us.

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